Amazon Business Prime American Express Card
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Clickbait? I think not. In all seriousness, I really did make $125 within five minutes applying for a credit card. This card is not mentioned very often in the credit card game and I can see why but if you qualify it is a no strings attached deal.

This card is the Amazon Prime Business American Express card. The deal as of April 1st of 2020 is that immediately upon approval, Amazon will gift you a $125 gift card into your account (Personal or Business). It is a regular business card application for American Express. I got my decision within less than a minute. About 15 minutes later, my account was funded with $125. Not bad for five minutes of “work”. No minimum spend. No hoops. Just $125.

Lately, I have applied for mainly business credit cards because I am at 4/24 and I still want to be able to apply for Chase credit cards. If you are unfamiliar with the Chase 5/24 rule, click here. Business credit cards are so similar to the personal credit card applications with basically one extra step. This step is you filling out the information of your “business”. For more information on how you can easily apply for these types of credit cards, check out our blog post on business card applications here.

This does come in the time of the recent crisis across the globe. I wanted to lock some of these offers in before credit card companies potentially lower or cut offers for some of their products. Thinking about it makes sense to me that credit card companies would either tighten their requirements for credit cards or change their introduction bonuses, especially the bonuses where there is no minimum spend requirement, such as for this card.

Why I Got This Card

This card earns 5% Amazon points when making purchases on Amazon. I look at this card as having no annual fee. Most people use Amazon already and have the Prime membership. This card also gives me access to better quantity pricing for products that some businesses may need including snacks and toiletries. Even though I do not have a business that requires a massive building to operate, the pricing can give me great savings in the long term.

My Take

This card is great for earning 5% on Amazon purchases with any Prime membership. On top of that, earning a free $125 for signing up is hard to beat. All of my spending on Amazon purchases have been put on this card, and I have started earning Amazon points. Remember, I would have had an Amazon Prime membership anyways, which means that the annual fee for this card really is $0. It also earns 2% on restaurant and gas purchases which makes this card a great standalone card as well. If you have just one or two cards, the restaurant and gas category would be useful for almost everyone starting out in the credit card game. But until next time…

We appreciate y’all letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Checking out, Kenny.

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