As someone who has a lot of credit cards and look forward to applying for more, there are a lot of no annual fee credit cards, as well as high annual fee credit cards, that I am looking into. It is popular notion to think that a no annual fee credit card is “easy” to get while cards with higher annual fees are tougher to get. I have learned this the hard way in terms of getting rejected for my second credit card…from the SAME issuer. Even worse, both cards are no annual fee credit cards.

The Two Cards

As mentioned above, both of the cards I have been denied to are from the same issuer. This issuer is non other than Chase. This came as a surprise to me that I would get rejected for two relatively easy cards to apply for, which were the Chase Freedom Unlimited and the Chase Amazon Prime card. Knowing Chase rules before applying, I did not expect to be denied. Granted, for the Amazon Prime card, I did receive my Chase Sapphire Preferred about a couple weeks before, but I did not think that would cause too many issues. When I applied for the Chase Freedom Unlimited, I had not applied for a business credit card in two months and personal credit card in over six months. This was the more shocking of the two, given that the Freedom Unlimited was also a entry level credit card that most apply for when first getting into Chase’s ecosystem, along with the regular Freedom. What was interesting was that for both times, the reason I was denied was that I had “too many new accounts”. Between applying for both cards, I had only applied of business credit cards which should not affect my personal report and why I had applied for the Chase Freedom Unlimited in the first place.

I knew that Chase has their rules, the 2/30 and 5/24 rule, but applying for an entry level card, like the Chase Amazon Prime card, was something that I felt I should have gotten, even on a thinner credit report.

Plan Moving Forward

I am going to move forward with the same intend and velocity as before. It may sound crazy after being denied “entry level” credit cards but I believe that knowing some rules regarding American Express, I believe I can continue to apply for more credit cards and continue to strengthen my credit profile. But until next time…

We appreciate y’all letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Checking out, Kenny

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