Disclaimer: The following is based solely on my experience and is not sponsored in anyway.

Apple manages to keep their fans, and new consumers, quite intrigued with their annual new releases; and with the first iPad Pro that was introduced to the iPad lineup almost five years ago, consumers had an extra option when shopping for the renown iPad. The introduction of the Pro also took the throne of being the higher-end iPad from the iPad Air. But which is more suitable for typical use?

My Take

Having already half-way completed my college career using Android tablets, I began to look into iPads as I had already used iPhones for most of my life. But deciding which of the iPads were suitable and isn’t an “overkill” to buy and whether to actually buy one was a critical decision to make. At a starting price of $499, the iPad Air initially had me thinking it had quite a hefty price tag considering it looked almost identical to the base model iPad that goes for only $329. But looking at the iPad Pro, with a $700+ range price tag, I thought to myself— “that’s legit the price of an above average-spec’ed laptop.” Coincidentally, a friend of mine had recently bought the $700+ iPad Pro at the time and had let me check it out. The iPad Pro was quick, responsive, and had a very high resolution display in addition to other cool, premium features like the ease of magnetically attaching the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil while wirelessly charging it. But, most of the typical uses of the iPad Pro were very similar to any other iPad. The major takeaway I got was that the iPad Pro is capable of almost replacing a laptop, as my friend said she does in lectures.

Fast forward a couple of months, the holidays were around the corner and so were the Black Friday deals. I snagged the iPad Air for a good deal and ever since using it with the Apple Pencil, I found it to be very useful and capable of what I needed it for. Being an engineering student, an iPad can hardly replace a laptop, yet the use of it to jot down notes, do paper-less assignments, and edit PDFs came in very handy. Since owning the iPad Air with the Apple Pencil, I can say that I have not had any regrets purchasing them as they came in clutch sometimes. The A12 Bionic chip in the iPad Air makes it quicker and more capable than the base model iPad, and if you’re like me, the smaller bezels on the iPad Air compared to the base model looks much more satisfying and clean. The iPad Air also comes in an additional color whereas the Pro only has two color options. I found the iPad Air to be a happy medium between the base and Pro iPads as it is capable of possibly lasting a longer term than the base model yet can do most of the same tasks as the Pro. It takes on typical tasks with ease; in fact, I have written this whole article purely on my iPad Air. Sure it doesn’t have Face ID or a wirelessly charging Apple Pencil, but I found its pros to outweigh the fancy bells and whistles it lacks from the Pro model. The iPad Air really is a worthwhile investment as a college student due to its capabilities and lower price tag than that of the Pro.

Check out the iPad Air here.

Appreciate y’all reading this far and letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Cheers, Durian

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