The NBA bubble is looking to brew some interesting drama and issues. It is starting to look like some issues are coming to light with the No.1 team in the West. It also does look like some of the top teams from both conferences are taking breaks and relaxing their play as they have already locked in their spot in the playoffs. So much happened this past week, including both the Lakers and Bucks locking in the first place in their respective conferences, and we will cover the highlights in this blog.


This week shaped up to be a bad week for the LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Especially after locking up the No.1 seed in the West, it seems as if the same old patterns are popping up again with LeBron. He seems to be taking his foot off the gas pedal late in the season, where the mentality is that these games are not nearly as important as the playoffs and with LeBron continuing to age, it seems as if he needs to pick his battles. The Lakers struggled and have started to show weaknesses in their game, indicative of how they have played individually. Anthony Davis’s game has been nothing short of a roller coaster (14 points, 42 points, 9 points, 17 points). It continues to be interesting to see who will end in the 8th seed to face the Lakers, as LeBron usually prefers to spend as little time as possible in the first rounds to save his energy for conference finals and the finals.


The other team in Los Angeles continues to take the games lightly, even in the bubble with the mentality that the bubble does not really give any home-court advantages. The Clippers continue through these games without three of their top players in Patrick Beverly, Montrezl Harold, and Lou Williams. Given how well the Clippers have played when the entire team was healthy and playing, time to get everyone back in the bubble is what the Clippers need to be at their best for the playoffs. To be quite honest, the Clippers seem primed to beat the Lakers because the one game in the bubble that they played, they were within one field goal from defeating the Lakers, who had their whole team. I am sure this is a matchup many are looking forward to.

Eastern Conference

Meanwhile, in the East, the Bucks have clinched the No.1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, the Celtics and Raptors are showing their own respective hunger by the Raptors beating the Lakers and the Celtics beating the Raptors.


Things are really starting to shape up as we are seeing the eight teams coming out from both the Western and Eastern Conference. So far, the eight teams have only been formally decided from the Eastern Conference. The eighth place battle in the West is between the Blazers and Suns in my opinion. The Grizzlies lost Jaren Jackson Jr. and looks like they will not have a chance to really hold their own for the eighth place. Regardless, I am extremely eager looking forward to the playoffs and the games in the West leading up to the playoffs. But until next time…

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Checking out, Kenny

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