With the Conference Semi-Final almost over, let’s jump into each series.

Lakers Vs Rockets

As I predicted, the Rockets took game 1 of the series, just as the Trail Blazers did. But the Rockets now found themselves down 3-1. Both Westbrook and Harden are playing phenomenally for the Rockets, but it’s the other players who aren’t showing up. In order for the Rockets to win, someone else had to step up. Like in game 1, Eric Gordon scored 23 points on 50% shooting. But I do give the Rockets credit in game 2 because most players did well, except Westbrook. The Rockets has a history of being inconsistent and with the score at 3-1, the Lakers are likely to take the next game on Saturday.

Clippers Vs Nuggets

Let’s not talk about the destruction that happened in game 1. Nobody on the Nuggets scores more than 15 points. I thought this series would be a lot closer. With the series at 3-1, the Nuggets find themselves in a pickle. As I predicted, Jokic is having his way on the offensive end, providing most of the scoring for the Nuggets. Even though Jamal Murray is known for being inconsistent on the offensive end, I thought he could carry the momentum of the Jazz series to this series. But history repeats its self. Not much to say about the Clippers except they are playing great. Except for Kawhi Leonard’s hiccup in game 2. Nuggets could steal another game from this series but it’s clear that the Clippers will see the Lakers in the Western Conference Final.

Heat Vs Bucks

What an upset. The fifth seed took down the highly favorited first seed. Giannis Antetokounmpo did go down in game 4 and didn’t play for game 5, but there is no excuse for the Bucks to go down 3-0. The Heat is a strong team, and my favorite team of the East this year. They have a lot of veterans that bring experience to the team and a core of young players that provides the energy. The future of the Bucks is unclear following this devastating defeat. It’s clear some kind of change has to happen for the Bucks. Antetokounmpo made it clear he has no plan of leaving. With that said, either a coaching change or an overhaul of their roster has to happen. They are in the same boat as the 76ers. Both are great team with amazing talent on their roster, but can not produce results.

Celtics Vs Raptors

I owe the Raptors an apology. I counted them out of the series when they were down 2-1. But clearly they are a better team than I expected. They managed to bring the series to a game 7, following a double overtime in game 6. I do favor the Celtics coming out, but the Raptors earned my respect and proved they could be the team to advance to the Eastern Conference Final. They are the reigning champs after all.

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Signing off, JT

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