Lakers Vs Nuggets

Here we go again. The Nuggets are down 3-1 for the third time this year. The first time, they beat out the Utah Jazz. The second time, they humiliated the [Please enter new city] Clippers. I doubted the Nuggets each series and I am not going to open my mouth this time. For if I do, they will come back and destroy the Lakers. The second I say Lakers in X, then the Nuggets curse will kick in. So … Nuggets in 7????? (Please Lakers! Don’t let that happen!)

Heat Vs Celtics

LETS GO HEAT!!!!! They are up 3-1 against the Celtics. Like I said the Celtics are too young. It showed in every game. The Celtics usually leads the Heat coming into the second half or fourth quarter. Then the Celtics either chokes or turn the ball over. Especially in game 4 where the Celtics turned the ball over 7 times. The Heat has experience. That and the energy from the young players is what carried them to where they are now. In Tyler Herro we trust! Miami Heat to the NBA Finals! Which is ironic because the Heat is where Lebron won his first ring.

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Signing off, JT

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