So Apple introduced the new Apple Watch SE almost a month ago. Seemed decent on paper— not too bad of a price and pretty up-to-date specs. In September, I heard some rumors about Apple releasing an SE version of the Apple Watch, which somewhat caught my interest and when I was checking out the Apple Event in September, it intrigued me even more with its specs and overall price. At $279 a pop, it was partially an uninspiring price yet when compared to the price of a Series 6 or even a Series 5, it was actually decent in my opinion. Apple finally came out with a happy medium between the older Series 3 and the newest Series 6. I was somewhat in the market of an Apple Watch at the time and so I caved into buying the SE after considering the specs, hardware, and overall price. I opted for the Nike Apple Watch to gain the extra watch faces and band.

Quite frankly, shipping took forever. It took about half a month to arrive, which seems quite expected for a new device. There isn’t much to talk about the Apple Watch SE besides the specs, hardware, and price as everything else (aka the software) is pretty much the same as any other Apple Watch. So, what is it about the Apple Watch SE that made me buy it over, say, a Series 5 or 6?

The hardware and specs of the SE was quite competitive with other recent Apple Watches. It rocks the same chip set as the Series 5 and has the Series 6 display. The prominent difference that sets the SE apart from the Series 4, 5, or 6 is the lack of ECG sensor, Always On Display, and the newly introduced Blood Oxygen sensor. It also lacks the option of having a stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic cases along with the new red and blue Series 6 colors. Otherwise, it is essentially a hybrid of the past three Apple Watches. Then come the price. At $279, it is much more affordable (and sensible) for the average consumer. Many people don’t need the ECG and Blood Oxygen measurements. (To be fair, there are other ECG and Blood Oxygen measuring tools that are more dedicated and accurate that can be had for an inexpensive price.) This makes the SE more easy on the wallet as it only provides the primary needs and features of an Apple Watch, which most people in the market want it for along with the performance of the latest Apple Watch.

What’s it like using the Apple Watch SE though? It’s about the same as any other Apple Watch. However, your iPhone must be running the latest iOS— iOS 14. I managed to use the Apple Watch SE with my iPhone 7 after a painstaking update process (you can check it out here). The pairing process was almost the same; it first would give errors while pairing then wouldn’t sign into AppleID. Eventually, it was able to connect and run smoothly and do all of the normal things an Apple Watch would do. Was it worth it? I kinda think so. I mostly got it as a utility watch to track workouts and check notifications on the fly. All in all, I think the Apple Watch SE is a good value for the everyday user who just wants the essential functions and features with modern-day performance and a more affordable price tag. If you’re interested, check it out here.

Tune in next week to check out Kenny’s take on the iPad Pro 2020.

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