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Within the past year, I have gotten pretty deep into the Apple ecosystem. I switched from an Android to an iPhone and few months later, I got the Apple Watch 4 and the Apple AirPods. When the Apple credit card came out, I almost got it just because it was branded Apple. Now with the release of the new iPad Pro, I purchased that as well. And for the cherry on top, I have to own Apple stock in my brokerage accounts. There are many reasons for this including: amazing future upside in my opinion and just overall dominant strangle hold Apple has in a profitable sector. Apple has literally taken over the tech world, at least in terms of daily carries for everyone across the globe.

Why I Did Not Buy the iPad Air

I honestly highly considered getting the iPad Air over the iPad Pro but the main thing that stopped me was the visual aspects (Check out my buddy’s take on the iPad Air here). For one, the iPad Pro is bezel-less, meaning that I would get more screen real estate for similar or same dimensions. This was amazing for me as I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time on the iPad. Another was the refresh rate. I am always one for getting the “better” specs, especially in this case, where I would be constantly using it to try and “replace” my current laptop.

In addition, sometime soon, I will be adding the Apple Pencil and I really would prefer the second generation…which means the iPad Pro would allow me to magnetically charge the pencil while I am not using it. This creates a more seamless look for my setup that I really prioritize. When I work and blog, I love the feel of simplicity and no wires…This is something you may hear from a lot of reviews/articles, and it really is the case. The more wires, the messier and less sleek…something that is my opinion and is not true for everyone.

If you do not mind the non-wireless look and/or money is an issue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the iPad Air as I have heard numerous amazing reviews of the Air. I am choosing the Pro because I have the option to do so and I really do prioritize the feel and look.

Thus Far

I have had the iPad Pro for just over half a year. I can honestly say it has been one of the best purchases. It is light, compact, and practical. Outside of school, I use this for almost everything. I am currently writing this blog on my iPad, with the detachable keyboard from Apple, and I have no complaints on it. On a day to day basis, I flock to the iPad Pro over my laptop and even my phone. The ability to do most things on a laptop and text centralizes my technology into one signal device. I can split screen and work simultaneously on two different projects or just be able to work and browse the web.

I use FaceTime quite a bit with the current pandemic going on, and I have absolutely no complaints about the camera quality. I have even tried recording using the microphone and it has really not disappointed. I have yet to take pictures with the Pro as I never really use it as a camera when going out (that privilege goes to my iPhone).

I also play mobile games, and the Pro is a perfect device to play it on. The quality is amazing and there is drastically more screen real estate that allows me to appreciate the finer details in a game that I would not be able to on an iPhone. Let alone, I do not have to be as precise on my placement with the Pro and it really has made play8ing mobile games a lot simpler and less stressful.

This device really has it all. I can see the marketing behind it and it really does back up its claims. Aside from running some of the applications I need as an Electrical Engineer major in college, I really can use the Pro for everything else I need (for those who know what Matlab is, there is a mobile version that allows for simple simulations/calculations…really stunned me too). I can blog, browse the web and be able to play games, all without much issue. If you are interested in or want to purchased the iPad Pro, an easy way to help us out is by buying it from the Amazon link here. Note, it is an affiliate link and we may earn a commission if you use the link provided. We appreciate your support! But until next time…

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Tune in next week for Durian’s experience with his AirPods!

Checking out, Kenny

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