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Supplements are intended for exactly what the word means: to supplement the diet. It is not meant to be used as anything more than a crutch. It does not help a bad sleep schedule, nor does it allow overeating.

Now that has been prefaced, I believe supplements are key to getting your body to the next level. In my years of experience lifting weights, heavy weights for that matter, supplements have been something I have used that allows me to go above and beyond when hitting the weights.

I have tried a number of brands, mostly those that are popular amongst the masses that swear by a fitness routine. There are some notable differences that I have found that I can hope to help y’all with. A few years back, I started by using Optimum Nutrition’s Pre-Workout and Amino Energy. It was by far the most popular and had the best reviews, both of that I read and heard. It was great. I had explosive workouts and it enabled me to lift harder and heavier. I could see the results. After using their preworkout supplements religiously for a couple of years, I realized they had two downsides. One was the dependence. People I talked to about this brushed it aside as a result of increase intake of caffeine. I could not come to an agreement with this as it just felt wrong. It felt wrong that it sounded so much like an addiction. The other issue was the crash afterwards. Not immediately but a couple of hours later, it would go from feeling on top of the world to dead tired.

The next supplement I tried was Kinobody’s line of supplements. It was and is being marketed as being as natural as possible with its Kino Octane, its Pre-Workout line, being marketed as clean constant energy that does not lead to a crash. I went in with an open mind, and to my surprise, no crash! Now, the energy is not as strong as that from Optimum Nutrition’s, but it is a nice trade off in my opinion. The ingredients are much more natural without there being a drop off in taste or potency. It has 150 mg of caffeine per scoop from natural sources. This company is much smaller than those of Optimum Nutrition or MusclePharm, another company I know of, but it is quickly growing its users with the promise of better quality.

What I Currently Use

I am now using Kinobody’s line of supplements where I religiously use all three of its supplements: Kino Octane, Kino Gains, and Kino Aminos. All three supplements do not have artificial flavors or colors, which is a huge bonus in my opinion. I must say that this line of supplements are a bit more expensive than Optimum Nutrition, and the company does not have access to free shipping. However, I am on a subscription deal where I get 20% off the entire order which if I do decide to stick with this company long term will save me quite a bit of money. Until I hit a wall either in the gym or a substantial drop in quality, I will be sticking with Kinobody’s line. When the founder was posting constant videos on YouTube, starting a couple of years ago, I watched religiously and tried implementing the lifestyle I saw into my own lifestyle. Call it a bit of bias or what not, but I am going to stick by it as I see the results on my own body.

Give it a try yourself here. There are constant sales throughout the year including lifetime subscriptions to bundles. Only trying to help you, as the reader, get better results based ONLY on MY experience. I am not using any statistics, but if you are still experimenting with what works for you, I would suggest Kinobody’s line of supplements. Give it a try and let me know in the comments section below. By the way, look out for my buddy’s post next week about his experience with speakers he’s had. But until next time…

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Checking out, Kenny

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