Use the computer all the time? Tired of using the traditional optical computer mouse? Tired of having wrist fatigue after long computer usage? Well, a trackball mouse may be a solution for you. And before we delve deeper into the topic— no, this isn’t an ad nor a promotion, nor a sponsorship. Let’s just talk about trackball mice, and more specifically the Logitech M570.

First things first— why a trackball mouse? Trackball mice are more ergonomic and efficient for use in limited desk area for the usual optical mouse. I’ve used the Logitech M570 for over 2 years now, and I’ve noticed a significant difference in wrist fatigue and use in desk space compactness. Whereas the common optical mice you’d have to drag around the desk, a trackball mouse is stationary—only the trackball within the mouse moves. This saves a lot of desk space while also reducing your wrist movement, thus no wrist fatigue or soreness. It does take some time getting used to but once you get the hang of it, using it is a breeze. Getting your cursor from one corner to another takes much less effort and time than an optical mouse. Not only are trackball mice ergonomic and save space, they’re efficient too. Trackball mice usually come with a few programmable buttons that makes navigating your computer much quicker and simpler. For instance, I have my two programmable buttons on the M570 to serve as the back and forward functions on web browsers, file explorer, etc. Trackball mice usually offer some sort of customization as well. As can be seen in the photo up top, the trackball that the M570 comes with is blue and with a certain weight. These trackballs can usually be swapped with a different color/design, or weight depending on your preference and availability. Many times trackball mice are shaped in a way that fits comfortably and naturally in your hand at a resting position. This makes it much comfortable for all-day use. For many a folk who use computers daily and/or for long periods of time, a trackball mouse would be a worthwhile investment.

As with many other things, advantages come with disadvantages. Trackball mice, or more particularly my experience with the M570, tend to collect dust and oil from your hands which can clog up and restrict the trackball’s movement at times. So, maintaining and cleaning the trackball and mouse housing regularly is a must. It’s really not much more work than taking out the trackball and wiping it down and brushing off the dust from the mouse. Another thing is the programmable buttons. Although there are some flexibility to the programmable buttons that the M570 offers (which there are two), it is slightly limited in that you can mainly only choose among the options that are given in the accompanying software. Speaking of the software, it does provide a good flexibility of customization of the mouse’s buttons and functions including the left, right and scroll wheel buttons and other features such as game detection, pointer speed and drag, trackball orientation, etc. Nonetheless, I do think there could be just a bit more use of the programmable buttons. But, if you’re looking for a more suited-up version with more programmable buttons (8), side scrolling, rechargeable battery, adjustable angle, etc., then check out the Logitech MX Ergo.

If you’re still interested in the M570, check it out here. Or, check out the MX Ergo.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your BreakTime.



Disclaimer: Above content is all opinion-based and is not sponsored in any way nor a means of advice. Content and/or pictures used is not intended to infringe any Copyright, Trademark, etc. licenses.

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