Have a cable subscription that you hardly use? Or don’t have anything to watch without cable? Or maybe you don’t have a smart TV and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new smart TV? Well…a streaming device might be for you!

Now that it’s starting to sound more like an informercial, let’s switch gears a bit. Let’s talk a bit about what a streaming device is and does. A streaming device is a simple hardware that allows you to stream media content, music, and the internet, essentially making your TV a smart TV if it isn’t already. It needs access to your internet/Wi-Fi in order to present you the media content. There are many different streaming devices out in the market, such as Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast just to name a few. But for this article, we’ll be talking about one streaming device in particular—the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite (let’s call it ‘Lite’ for short) is essentially a budget-friendly and basic streaming device. You can snag one of them for about $17.99 when they’re on sale. The Lite is basic in the sense that it does not have any TV controls, so no volume adjustments, on/off button for the TV, etc. The Lite also does not support 4K quality streaming, unlike the more expensive 4K Fire TV Stick.

The Fire Stick Lite is a really decent streaming device, in my opinion, for the price and overall quality if you’re not really picky in terms of having 4K quality or TV controls on the Fire Stick remote. It really isn’t worth paying for the 4K Stick anyways if you don’t already have a 4K TV, which was my personal case. The Lite is decent for what it’s worth; it doesn’t always work smoothly, there is some lagging once in a while if you’re clicking buttons really quickly but overall it holds up and performs quite well.

In essence, the Lite really is just a simplified version of the normal Fire Stick and 4k Fire Stick with no TV controls, no Dolby Atmos Sound, and lower streaming resolution quality. But in my experience, it is still very clear and crisp despite it being 1080p. So now it comes to why cable is typically mentioned. Cable subscriptions are quite pricy sometimes, and if you don’t always use it, it might not be worth it especially if you also pay for other streaming services like Netflix. With a streaming device, you can watch a majority of movies, shows, and streams—you just have to know where to look. There are many apps available on streaming devices that enable you to get the most out of it like watching free popular title movies or live sports. There’s also a news section that has a collection of your preferred news stations. A streaming device can really replace cable if you don’t watch TV often or mainly use streaming services like Netflix anyway.

I think that the Fire Stick Lite is a good buy for those on a budget or just want something simple that will do what it should. In my opinion, it fits well with college students who mostly use Netflix anyways and individuals that don’t frequently spend time watching TV. All in all, it’s very similar to any other streaming device in its class out there aside from Google Chromecast’s ability to easily mirror your laptop screen.

If you’re interested, check out the Fire Stick Lite, or with TV controls here, or the 4K one.

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