It’s interesting how much hype Apple gets when they reveal and release a new product, especially an iPhone. But when a new Android device gets released, the hype is more or less watered down. And that seems to be the case with the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. Having been released on January 29, 2021, it’s been a good two-ish weeks since public release. The odd thing is it doesn’t seem to have much of the large hype that the previous Galaxy lineup did.

My Initial Impressions

Now, keep in mind I’m a full-time iOS user (not to choose sides, but just to provide some context) and have had the S21 for about 2 weeks without it being the primary phone…The visual appeal of the phone itself is quite refined, with the camera bump eased into the edge of the phone. The screen itself looks quite elegant and modern as it barely has any bezels or notches.

Samsung seemed to not slack on the camera as it seems very crisp and clear; with varying megapixel sensors, a total of 30X zoom is offered. Camera usage alone might not be all much different from, say, an S20, but images portrayed seem very crisp and clear.

Holding the phone in hand, it seems that Samsung had slacked a bit on the S21 5G. The back of the phone isn’t glass, unlike the previous Galaxy S-line, but actually plastic. The phone still feels somewhat premium due to its hefty-ness but it does certainly feel a bit cheaper. Expandable storage is also eliminated for the S21 5G which is quite interesting, but a standard 128GB storage is offered and considering most people use cloud-based storage, it makes sense. Another thing the phone seems to be slacking on is the screen resolution and processor. However, these are hardly noticeable at all, especially to an average consumer. The screen is still very vibrant and clear and despite the Snapdragon 888 processor the phone is quick and snappy.

A noticeable change in usage is the fingerprint sensor that is now embedded in the front screen. I found this to be quite interesting but at times also frustrating as you never really place your finger in the right spot on the first try. There is an option of tapping once to view where the sensor is but I’d rather unlock the phone all in one go. It was even more so frustrating the first few days as the phone didn’t have an oleophobic screen protector; smudges on the screen kept yielding errors when I try to unlock the phone.


There are many intriguing offers for the S21, possibly due to its recent changes. Offers such as getting one free with a qualified trade-in seems like a steal but I think an older phone like an S9 or 10 would be worth the trade-in. The S21 is almost as if it is on the lower-end of the flagship lineup; that is, unless you’re willing to shell out a few hundred more for the S21 Ultra or S21+, which is more superior and even has a glass back. All in all, I think the S21 5G is a solid phone and given the many promotional offers it is worth to look into. Aside from the offers, I still do think it is a decent phone for the average non-iOS user; unless that is, you don’t like the feel of a plastic phone (just go for the Ultra).

If you’re interested in the Galaxy S21 5G, check it out here.

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