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When it comes to the world of protein supplements, there are countless brands brandishing their own protein supplement. The niche of protein supplements are completely saturated with abysmal, low-quality powder. This can be very difficult to get the protein without the unnecessary fillers or low grade whey. I will do my best to give y’all a thorough review of products that I have gone through that are at least average, and hopefully by doing so, giving a good understanding of what industry standards are.

The very first one I had was some brand I picked up from my local GNC. Looking back, this was by far the worst out of the ones I have had. There were lots of fillers and the quality was lacking. I will not name which one it was, but to be quite frank, the best protein powders in my opinion do not need some crazy, out-of-this-world labeling. It just needs to have quality protein powder; the bottle can be completely bland so long as the quality is there.

The next one I immediately switched to for a number of reasons (including quality, reputation and cost) was Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard. As the name states, it really is the “Gold Standard” for what a protein supplement should be…simple. If you turn the bag, or container, over and look at the ingredients you will be greeted with less than 10 ingredients…it may seem like a lot but compared to most of the other stuff you will find, this is it…in my opinion of course. If you are interested in picking up a solid protein supplement, click here. (It will greatly help out this blog. Many thanks. By the way if you want the natural flavoring version, click here. I prefer the all natural flavoring…One less ingredient and less processed.) It is by far the smoothest and thinnest, making it very light and easy to mix.

Another popular one, that was my favorite for a couple of reasons, is MusclePharm’s protein supplement. It contains a blend of five different types of protein sources, including various forms of whey, egg, and casein. The benefit I found when taking this supplement was the overall “fullness” that I feel. It is not “full” to where I do not want to eat, but knowing my muscles will be fueled with protein for an extended period of time (thanks to the egg and casein sources, which are slower digesting). This was honestly my favorite until recently where the powder seems to be a lot more clumpy, and even after furious mixing, still a clumpy drink. It may be just the past two batches, but until I see otherwise, Optimum Nutrition still holds a candle to this.

Another brand I tried for about half a year was Organisource. Now this is definitely a much smaller company, but as with many other small companies, they are able to focus on quality over quantity. A unique part of this company was that the protein was bone broth. Yes bone broth. Before you turn away from this, this supplement actually seemed to produce the best results. I always do the same workouts with the occasional increase in weights, but while taking this specific supplement, I saw drastic changes physically. I seemed fuller while doing relatively the same weight. In addition, the product was all natural grass fed bone broth as the ONLY ingredient; Much cleaner and healthier. Of course, the downside was the price which was an issue where I was at the time and financially I could not justify it. However, it was an experience like no other in terms of the results. Check them out here if you are interested in a protein supplement like no other…of course at a slight premium.

What am I Doing Now?

After trying all of the different brands, I have gone back to Optimum Nutrition. It is the most balanced when weighing cost and results. I am able to get a large 10 pound bag from Costco when it is on sale, and during the other times, I order the all natural version from Amazon. It is the easiest to mix and tastes just fine; Not too overpowering. For the foreseeable future I will be sticking with this brand. Hopefully this has helped you in your quest to find the best protein supplement. A lot of this is trial and error based on your preferences as well but nonetheless, hoped this has shed some light into what I consider. But until next time…

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your Break Time.

Checking out, Kenny

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