PC speakers. Something that used to be the necessity and part of a computer when laptops were yet a thing. So where do PC speakers stand now? Well, for most folks, if you use an external monitor, having external PC speakers would provide a more immersive and better user experience. But even aside from the use of an external monitor, an adequate set of external speakers sound better and provide a clearer and better listening experience whether if you’re just listening to music or on a virtual meeting.

The average consumer and most people might not want to spend much on PC speakers unless they’re an audiophile. The Logitech Z200 speakers comes in at less than $50 and is a solid choice of PC speakers. In fact, I got mine for less than $25. One of the things I like about these speakers is its diverse usage in addition to its look. Each speaker has a set of what looks like exposed speaker cones with white accented borders that gives it a cool, fun look. Although design and looks are subjective, I do think it adds a bit of character to an otherwise plain desk setup. And regarding those speaker cones mentioned—yes, they do vibrate and work when sound is pumped through the speakers.


The Logitech Z200 speakers performs how it should, pumping out clear sound/music. It being a 2.0 setup, there’s no additional subwoofer so don’t expect it to have any phenomenal bass clarity. The Z200 actually has many different uses aside from being a PC speaker. It works with phones, tablets, and more given a 3.5mm output jack. Although the Z200 model doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, the Z207 does, which eliminates all the messy, unaesthetic cords running from one speaker to the other. The Z200 fundamentally works as it should, but there isn’t much to expect of its performance given its base price and affordability. It certainly fits well with the average consumer who just uses it for casual work, music, etc. and wouldn’t mind not having a much more interactive and immersive sound quality that an audiophile would. The speakers can quite handle outputting loud sound/music. However, it may come to a point where it can begin to sound a bit muffled, especially if it is bass/low-end heavy.

The Z200 packs a lot of utilities such as headphone output, microphone input, tone adjustments, and diverse acceptance of devices. However, I do think it lacks a bit on features such as sound tuning and adjustments. But there really isn’t much to complain aside from having limited sound customization and not much bass; there’s only one tune knob for any sort of sound adjustment you might want. And those are really the only main downsides I see to these speakers—limited bass and sound tuning/adjustments. Aside from those, I think the affordability for a renown brand and decent performance of a speaker makes it a solid consideration for those wanting a set of speakers for everyday productivity or work use, or those on a budget or in college. They’re a solid set of speakers that do its job; that is, if you’re not looking for any mind-blowing sound quality/bass and customization. And besides, it adds a bit of aesthetic and décor to your desk setup with its unique design.

If you’re interested in the Bluetooth version, check it out here. If you’re interested in the Z200, check it out here.

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