You might be wondering “wired earphones in 2021?” Well, yes. Hear me out—wired earphones might be outdated now but how many times have you just wanted to use a pair of earphones in a pinch and not have to worry about connection disturbance or your earphones not having enough juice? Sometimes, wired earphones can come in handy. I know it has for me; it’s even saved me a couple of times where I needed a pair of earphones to work on the spot. Having at least one pair of wired earphones is a necessity in my book. And wood earphones? What’s the big deal?

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 is a pair of wired earphones that have housings made of wood as opposed to conventional plastic. It comes with 8mm drivers and neodymium magnets that give it its great, clear sound quality. In my experience for the last 3 years, the sound quality is quite good and expected for its price, $25 (in my case, I got it on sale for $15). The NRG 3.0’s sound is very clear, with no trace of any “hollow” or static sounds. It lacks a bit on bass but it’s a great in-between medium that’s not too punchy and not too high pitched. With its wood housing, the earphones sit very comfortably for long periods of time without much fatigue or pain in the ears. In fact, it is a lot lighter than typical earphones with plastic housings. Not to mention, it looks quite premium with wood housing as well without much of the premium price. It is compatible with both iOS and Android; the in-line remote fully works with both systems as well, unlike some other earphones that I’ve used which works with one operating system but not the other. Construction quality seems average to above average. The plastic in-line remote and chromed plastic accents feel a bit cheap, but the metal merger is quite a nice touch. The cord is extra long in comparison to most other earphone cords, and is also quite resistant to tangling. The 3.5mm input jack has a very unique and optimal angle at about 45 degrees. In my experience, it doesn’t kink as much and looks better aesthetically. Speaking about aesthetics, the design of the NRG 3.0 is quite minimal and premium looking with its wood housing to two-tone colored cord and clear silicone tips. They come in many different fun colorways that you can choose from. Durability is quite subjective, as it depends how one takes care of the earphones; but so far, it has held up for 3 years working perfectly fine in terms of sound performance. Silicone tips have worn out and ripped in my case, which I had to replace recently. Otherwise, it’s still working fine and in great shape.

Overall, the Symphonized NRG 3.0 is quite a decent pair of wired in-ear headphones. There are definitely other options in the market out there at its $25 price range, but if you’re able to get it on the low as I did at ~$15, I think it is quite the deal and is worth it. Of course, at its normal $25 price, I think there are other great options on the market such as Sony’s ExtraBass earphones for about $5 more, if you’re into punchy bass. Otherwise, the NRG 3.0 is quite a solid choice considering its wood build that makes it easy to use for longer periods.

If you’re still interested, check it out here.

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