WWDC 2021 is nearly around the corner, and when’s a better time than now to talk about an Apple product? The iPhone 12 has been a game-changer, in a way, and has reached a sales record with the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 has been a hot topic in terms of high demand and a refreshed, reminiscent design. It’s (was) new, cool and all but what’s it like using it when your previous phone was one that released half a decade ago?

My Experience

iPhone 7. The first water resistant iPhone and the first to have a home “button” that wasn’t actually a button at all. At the time, the iPhone 7 was a considerable size upgrade from the older iPhone 5, even with the base/non-plus model. Touch ID was great; it was super quick and smooth. Everything worked smoothly and the base model had double the amount of storage than that of the base iPhone 5. Fast forward 5 years, the iPhone 7 became more sluggish, got warm quite quickly, and battery life wasn’t as great. Time for an upgrade to the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 exudes a different experience coming from an iPhone 7. First out the box, there is no power adapter or headphones which was an absolute bummer. For the price that it is, I would at least appreciate a power adapter. The phone itself was an interesting experience. I was super used to using Touch ID to unlock the iPhone 7, and coming to the iPhone 12 was something to get used to. Face ID was new to me and it took some getting used to but after a while, unlocking the phone was such a breeze. The screen real estate and thinner bezels made a huge difference in aesthetics and user experience. There is a noticeable difference in color temperature of the two displays (at default settings), which I noticed. The iPhone 7 had more of a cool, blue hue while the 12 had more of a yellow tint. Another noticeable difference is the power button of the two phones. The 12 has a larger/elongated button which I personally felt Apple could have incorporated a fingerprint sensor within it (possibly future iPhones?). Next apparent difference is battery life and charging. The 12 has the 20W fast charging, which really speeds up charging time while also having great battery life compared to the aging 7. I could typically go throughout the day only plugging it in once, and that’s around the 50% mark. All in all, I think the iPhone 12 is a great phone to have invested in. As with any other iOS devices, the layout is nearly identical minus the few differences in hardware that makes the using experience more interesting and fun.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your BreakTime.

Peace out, D.

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