During these times, it may be worth it to save a couple of extra bucks. Looking for a 5G phone with a 6.5″ display, decent display quality, and a phone that just works and performs almost as much as a flagship phone? Well, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is something to look into.

At $280, the A32 5G packs a lot for what it is. You could even get it for less than $100 if you trade-in a old phone. For the price that you pay, I think it’s a lot of bang for your buck. The A32 5G looks almost nearly a flagship phone at a glance, and performance-wise it isn’t all that bad either. A 6.5 inch display, with 64 GB of storage, 4 GB RAM, ultra-wide camera, and fingerprint sensor isn’t bad for the price. Coming from a flagship phone, however, might be an interesting change.

My Experience with the A32 5G

The A32 5G is quite a different experience after having been using a flagship phone or an iPhone at that. It’s not all bad, but the refresh rate and smoothness of the phone usage experience is a bit on the slower and laggy side of things. Now, with that said, it is still completely usable by all means in today’s standards, but it’s not exactly comparable to a higher-end tier phone. You can certainly play mobile games on the phone without much, if any, lag. However, the phone does get warm quite quickly depending on the demand of the game you’re playing. Camera quality is acceptable considering the phone’s price. It is quite clear but is rather blurry and pixelated compared to something like a Galaxy S21 or iPhone 12, obviously. Everything else is typical Samsung interface, with nearly identical software features as any other Samsung flagship lineup. Sound is quite loud but can get quite irritable; it has more of a high-pitched sound when volume is turned up. Unlike flagship phones, the A32 5G doesn’t have dual audio output, which means viewing videos in landscape would cause sound to be output on one side only. Overall, I think the A32 5G is worth its price if you’re not looking for anything too expensive and flashy but just want something that works. And if you’re able to snag it on the low, I think it would make a great beater or backup phone, one that you don’t have to be too overprotective or worried about. Or, simply just as a mobile gaming device. All in all, I think it is essentially a phone that meets all the essentials in a phone and just works.

If you’re still interested in the A32 5G, check it out here.

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