As we might all know by now, smartphone manufacturers have stopped including power adapters when you purchase a new flagship smartphone like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. It’s become very common and many other companies have started to follow that trend as well. Even though they claim that it’s part of environmental concerns, a good chunk of the rationale seems to be to gain profit as well. But, there’s other options for us consumers as there are third-party companies that also develop and produce these power adapters as well. In particular, we’ll be talking about the Spigen ArcStation Pro 20W power adapter.


The Spigen ArcStation Pro 20W has a compact size compared to smartphone manufacturers’ power adapters. For instance, Apple’s 20W power adapter is much larger than the older 5W adapter; however, the ArcStation still keeps a nearly identical size to the 5W adapter but has the 20W power. While shopping for a power adapter after purchasing an iPhone 12, I found this to be one of the advantages of the product. In addition, the ArcStation Pro has folding prongs that make it even more compact. I figured this was a nice touch especially for storage and portability if you travel with your charger a lot. Another thing that the ArcStation Pro comes with is a blue LED indicator light which is a nice touch for both practicality and aesthetics, in my opinion. Spigen also markets the ArcStation Pro with Gallium Nitride technology that they claim to attribute to the lower operating temperatures and compact sizing. Having used the power adapter for a few months now, I can say the charger does keep its temperature pretty consistent and only becomes slightly warm to the touch instead of heating up. Overall, I think it was a good buy considering the lower pricing compared to Apple’s 20W power adapter and the compact sizing and amenities the ArcStation Pro 20W comes with. It is also quite pleasing aesthetic-wise with a matte finish.

If you’re interested in the ArcStation Pro 20W, check it out here.

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