Most of us are likely to be familiar with Ring products now, especially the Ring Doorbell. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Ring Doorbell is essentially a security video doorbell which packs the features of a smart security camera into a doorbell. The Ring Doorbell has become a very popular Ring device used by many home and business owners to help keep an eye out for individuals within a certain range of the device.

Overview & User Experience

The Ring Doorbell 2020 Release is one of the many versions of doorbells that Ring offers. The 2020 Release doorbell is one of the few on the lower price range, at under $100. Despite it being on the more budget-friendly side, it still packs a good amount of essential and useful features you’d expect with a video doorbell. The 2020 Release offers the option of both wired and wireless/battery operation, as it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. As with many of other Ring products, the 2020 Release Doorbell is nearly plug-and-play from installation to usage. Wiring the doorbell is just as simple as wiring a conventional doorbell except with the addition of brackets. Speaking of brackets, the 2020 Release Doorbell (and most, if not all, new Ring doorbells) don’t come with angle brackets anymore, which can be a big bummer if you’re installing the doorbell at a corner or an unorthodox height. Instead, you’d have to shed out another $20 or so to get them. The 2020 Release Doorbell also works with the existing chime as well, which other Ring doorbells might otherwise not. I find this to be an advantage since you wouldn’t have to purchase a new chime or replace your current one that still works fine.

Initial setup of the Ring Doorbell is quite straightforward and simple. The Ring app makes it easy to follow and complete, which makes the user experience much easier and satisfying. After setting up the Ring Doorbell, viewing and utilizing the features is quite simple and straightforward like any other Ring device on its app. You’re able to view live video from the doorbell and view past recordings that the doorbell recorded based off of motion detection or the ring of the doorbell. In addition, you can have the app notify you when someone rings the doorbell and when there is motion detected within a certain vicinity that you choose. There are customizable motion detection zones where you can set where you’d like the device to detect or respond to a motion. The doorbell camera is also equipped with night vision and HD video, and the doorbell itself also comes with two-way talk. The 2020 Release comes in two different finishes, silver and bronze. After having used the doorbell for a few months now, I find it to be quite useful and advantageous over a conventional doorbell with the fact that you can be notified anywhere when someone rings your door in addition to seeing who it is and talking to them via the device. Overall, for under $100, I think the Ring Video Doorbell 2020 Release is a good buy for those that are interested in having a smart security doorbell (which also works with Alexa). It is also worth a consideration if you’re looking to transition to a smart home or just want piece of mind.

If you’re still interested in the Ring Video Doorbell, check it out here.

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