Need an outdoor light, but also want some sense of security? Want a bird’s eye view of visitors and the path they walked? Well, the Ring Floodlight Cam Pro checks those boxes. We’ve talked about the “regular” Floodlight Cam before and its uses and features, which you can check out here. We’ll now briefly compare the Floodlight Cam and Floodlight Cam Pro and determine if the Pro version is worth the upgrade.


The Floodlight Cam Pro comes with all the functionalities and necessities that the ‘normal’ Floodlight Cam comes with. However, what sets it apart are some of the new additional and improved features. The Floodlight Cam Pro includes two-way talk, like the Floodlight Cam, but with an improved Audio +. Additional Pro features include 110 dB siren compared to the non-Pro’s 105 dB; the Pro also comes with dual band Wi-Fi whereas the non-Pro version only supports 2.4 GHz connectivity. One prominent feature that the Pro comes with is the 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View feature which the non-Pro lacks. Both the Pro and non-Pro come with 1080p video with HDR and night vision as well as 2000 Lumen LED lights. Both can have its features customized and set in the Ring app.

After using and interacting with both the Pro and non-Pro versions for about 2 months now, both are very similar in everyday use. The one major feature that sets the Pro apart is its Bird’s Eye View, which essentially shows an aerial view of where the device is installed and the motion detected indicated on the map as well as a path that the person/object moved along. The only downside to this is that the aerial view is not a live view. Using both the Pro and non-Pro side-by-side, I think they are both very similar and the new and additional features of the Pro don’t really stand out too much to make it a necessary upgrade. The Bird’s Eye View can be useful, but mainly if it is installed in an area that is more important, such as the front of a house or a heavily trafficked area. Essentially, most of the main features and necessities are included in the non-Pro version, and upgrading from a non-Pro to a Pro isn’t all too needed or worth it unless you have an extra $60-70 to cash out. Overall, the Pro version is a great refreshed version of a non-Pro version with additional novel and useful features. It may be worth it if it is your first Floodlight Cam you’re getting, but otherwise it isn’t all that worth it to upgrade from an existing non-Pro version in use.

If you’re interested in the Ring Floodlight Cam Pro, check it out here.

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