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My newest addition to my Apple collection…It started with the iPhone, then the Watch, then the AirPods, and now the MacBook. I have now spent nearly $3000 across the board with these four devices. However, with the previous three devices, I had no complaints. I took the dive and spent well over $1000 and thus far, have no regrets.


Going from a Windows HP laptop to a MacBook is similar to that of my transition from an Android to an iPhone. The layout of the screen, the feel of the keyboard, amongst other things, there is a special aura to the new device. Maybe it could also be that my MacBook is a 13’’ screen versus my previous laptop’s 15.7’’. It feels more compact and does out with any of the unnecessary stuff.


Being able to go from my iPhone to my iPad to my MacBook gives a fluidity that I could not do with my HP laptop. My entire workflow is simpler. Being able to AirDrop clips and videos from one device to another or being able to use my iPad screen as an extended display gives greater use case for my iPad. Even some of my older iPad’s will be “downgraded” to an extended display for my MacBook.

I specifically bought this after reading some great reviews about the new M1 chip. Thus far I have had no reason to question being able to run multiple applications at once. I am able to edit photos, write blogs, have my favorite YouTube channel playing in the background, and edit videos. I will continue to update this blog toward the bottom of this post. But until next time…

We appreciate y’all for letting us be a part of your BreakTime.

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