Ever walk around and hear that distinct clink clink of your keys dangling on a carabiner or in your pockets? Always having a long, difficult time to get a hold of the key that you want or need to open a lock? Well, a key organizer might help with both of those situations while also improving the aesthetic and organization of all your keys. The Keysmart Classic is a compact key organizer that helps keep keys in place and organized in a compact and convenient form.

Overview/My Experience

The Keysmart Classic provides a simple, yet organized look and functionality to a set of keys. The Classic, along with an expansion pack, can hold up to 8 keys total without compromising the use of a smaller keyring. The Keysmart Classic comes in a variety of colors and feels very premium to the touch without any slack of build/manufacturing quality. It sports an all-metal construction from the body of the key organizer to the screw attachments. Included are some plastic spacers that help space and level out the keys to provide a secure and level hold of the key organizer in the event of an odd numbered amount of keys. The Keysmart Classic has an overall lightweight and durable design while keeping a minimal look without compromising functionality. Keysmart also offers some attachments and accessories to add to the compact key organizer, such as expansion packs which come with additional spacers and longer screw attachments.

Assembling/attaching keys to the Keysmart Classic is very straightforward and simple. Overall, it took me about two minutes at most to add my keys to the key holder/organizer. It has a very simple function and to use a key you just slide it out of its place and it pivots outward for you to use. The organizer keeps each key in the same place so you won’t have to look for each key every time. One major advantage to the Keysmart Classic is the reduction of key clutter to hold and carry around. The key organizer minimizes the key footprint in a pocket or purse and reduces it to just one keychain. Aesthetically, the Keysmart Classic also does its job by maintaining a minimal look and providing a minimal yet functional form factor to a ring of keys. All in all, I think the Keysmart key organizer is a good buy for those with many keys or who wants to just organize their keys to a more convenient form factor.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your BreakTime.

Peace out, D.

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