With today’s expansion of technology and working remotely from home, portable expandable storage is more commonly useful. And, with MacBook users, portable expandable storage would be a great deal to look into especially for those with the base model MacBooks. Hard Drives and Solid State Drives have their differences but with the reliability and durability of SSD, we’ll be talking about the Samsung T5 SSD.


The Samsung T5 SSD comes in many options of colors and storage sizes. With an outer layer of colored aluminum protection of the SSD, the overall design and weight of the T5 is quite lightweight and comfortable to carry and fit in backpack pockets. With my experience with the T5, it has done a great job at storing files as well as protecting them. The T5 comes with a built-in passcode security system to protect the files stored in the SSD. Shock absorption also comes standard with the T5 along with quicker transfer times (540 MB/s). The T5 also comes with a USB-C output and a USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cable in the box. Overall, I think the Samsung T5 is worth looking into for a long-term and durable expandable memory storage.

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