Ever think about getting AirPods but realize that you have an Android or that AirPods just look odd or lack sound quality flexibility? Ever consider what other truly wireless earbuds are available out there in the same price range as AirPods? Well, the Jabra Elite 75t is worth taking a look into as it is a very decent pair of earbuds that lie within the price range of AirPods or even cheaper when they’re on sale.


The Jabra Elite 75t comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from, unlike AirPods which only come in white. However, the Elite 75t do not come in white but rather a light cream color or faint blue color. The shape of the Elite 75t differs significantly from the AirPods but seem to fit well in the ear with a nice seal due to its rubber ear tips. The ear tips are interchangeable with different sizes to fit your needs and the earbuds tend to sit quite well and secure in the ear when placed right. The only downside to the Elite 75t’s form factor is that it feels like it would fall out easier than AirPods since there is no “hook” shape where the earbud can rest on your ear. Rather, the Elite 75t’s sit in your ear more like an earplug. The Elite 75t is IP55 rated for water resistance and can withstand normal daily activities and workouts without having to worry about it getting a bit wet. Furthermore, the build quality of the Elite 75t is quite durable and premium feeling with quite some heft and attention to detail. Each earbud has a small LED that lets you know when you need to charge them. Speaking about charging, the Elite 75t comes with a charging case that enables the earbuds to have a total of 28 hours of playback time. The case itself has quite a nice build quality but the cover seems to be more on the flimsy, cheaper feeling side compared to the AirPods case.

However, there are some advantages that the Elite 75t has over AirPods. The Elite 75t has much more flexibility and customization in terms of sound quality as it has a dedicated app where you can adjust the highs, mids, and lows to your liking. In addition, the Elite 75t is more bass heavy than AirPods and with the customization through the app, you can increase the bass to as much as you’d like. Despite not having the seamless quick connectivity to Apple products like AirPods do, the Elite 75t still connects to Apple products quite quickly. The Elite 75t even has automatic play/pause when you remove one of your earbuds from your ear while listening to music. The Elite 75t also comes with active noise cancellation, unlike AirPods (regular AirPods, not AirPod Pro).

All in all, the Jabra Elite 75t is worth taking a look into especially if you value sound quality more than having an Apple product or seamless connectivity to an Apple device. At around the same price or even cheaper, the Elite 75t is worth considering. In my experience of having both AirPods and Jabra Elite 75t, I tend to enjoy listening to music more on the Elite 75t as the sound quality is better. Thus, depending on what you value more, I think the Elite 75t is worth considering especially since it comes with standard active noise cancellation.

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Peace out, D.

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