As we most are now familiar with, most flagship smartphones have gone away with including power adapters. We’ve mentioned a while ago how new smartphones’ power adapters are sold separately and usually those that are sold by the phone manufacturer are quite bulky and not to mention, quite pricy.


We’ve mentioned about the Spigen ArcStation Pro 20W power adapter, with its more compact size and capable power output. However, the Anker Nano USB-C power adapter also has its advantages of compact size and large power output. In fact, the Anker power adapter has an even smaller footprint/size and is comparable to the size of the Apple USB-A power adapter. Despite the compact size, the Anker Nano power adapter has an output of 18-20W via USB-C, which is compatible with most new flagship smartphones and geared toward the iPhones 12 & 13.

At around the same price with Apple’s official power adapter and Spigen’s ArcStation Pro, the Anker Nano power adapter is able to provide a small, compact size for convenience while producing the same demand output as the rest. The only downside to the Anker Nano power adapter is that the prongs do not fold like Spigen’s does, which isn’t such a huge drawback but more of a small, neat detail. All in all, the Anker Nano power adapter is worth a consideration and taking a look into when searching for a higher wattage power adapter.

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